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Following a report yesterday in the Lancashire Telegraph, Morris Locksmiths would like to reiterate the importance of adequate security for your business premises.

The Report

The report was regarding Mushtaq Ahmed, owner of Tiplies Mini Market in Brunshaw Avenue, Burnley. He had been the victim of a theft by 22 year old Jack Brooks. A local man, that Mr Ahmed had known for ten years. Brooks threatened Mr Ahmed with a knife and demanded that he gave him cash from the shop till. Initially, Mr Ahmed had thought it was all a joke because Mr Brooks was clothed in a leopard print onesie. Until the knife had been shown …

“He was a nice lad. We all make mistakes. I forgive him and I feel sorry for him really.” Said Mr Ahmed. He then went on to say “But he has to be taught the lesson that he cannot do this kind of thing to anybody else.”

Brooks left the scene empty handed as the victim defended himself. At Burnley Crown Court, the would be thief pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possession of a bladed article when he appeared. He was handed a two year and eight months prison sentence.

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The above report highlights the fact that potentially every customer walking through your door, could cause problems. Whilst, thankfully this is not reality, it is worth taking precautionary measures to keep you and your profits safe.

  • Good quality door locks – British Insurance Approved locks help to protect your business premises whilst out of hours. It is also a necessary requirement for your insurance policy to be valid.
  • Door and Window shutters – If you already have shutters installed, then use them correctly and ensure that they are always locked whilst you are not present. Have your shutters regularly maintained, so that the locking mechanism is working to it’s full potential. Consider having shutters fitted if you haven’t already, for extra peace of mind.
  • CCTV – Whilst not cheap to install, the system could provide you with valuable evidence if required.
  • Ensure that any cash is either taken off the premises at the end of your working day or stored in an adequately secure storage safe.
  • Display a window sticker, stating that no cash is left in the till over night.
  • Consider installing an under counter alarm system, whereby you can contact the Police immediately in the event of a robbery whilst you are working.


If you require any further advice regarding keeping your business premises secure, then please do not hesitate to contact Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or Email:


With thanks for the use of the CCTV photograph to Hustvedt CC BY-SA 3.0


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