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Business security advice from Morris Locksmiths, ChorleyA recent report in the Lancashire Telegraph, stated that Audley Infant School in Queens Park road had been targeted twice by thieves during the Summer and start of the school year. A CCTV camera has been stolen from the premises. The cost of replacing the stolen CCTV equipment is £5,000.

Helen Nelson, the Headteacher said …

“I have absolutely no clue why anybody would want to do this … We were just trying to sort out the theft from over the holiday and then we were targeted again.”

Mrs Nelson also added that the funds to replace the CCTV equipment will come directly out of the school’s budget and therefore have a negative impact on the pupils, as less money will be available for their educational needs.

“Every school draws up a budget every year and if they have to ever spend money on something that they have not planned for, it means that money is taken away from other areas … What these people have done will impact on other things that we had planned to do, in school this year … I have sent letters to neighbours, in the hope that they will support us in paying for these new camera … Because the ones that we had were quite old we can’t replace them like-for-like … Also I’m worried we might just be replacing them, for them to only be stolen again because extra security around them costs even more money we did not plan to spend … I hope that we are are to pull on some heart strings and encourage people to support us and the children we teach.”

Added Mrs Nelson.

A spokes person for Lancashire police, who are investigating the incidents stated …

“We are appealing for information after the theft of a CCTV camera from Audley Infant School in Queens Park Road, Blackburn … The camera was removed from a post overlooking the school car park between 3am and 4am on September 22.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lancashire police on 101 and quote the log number 0242 of September 22nd.

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With thanks for the use of the photo of CCTV cameras to Hustvedt CC BY-SA 3.0

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The Lancashire Constabulary logoThe Bee News have recently reported on the latest battle against fraud taking part in Lancashire. The collaboration of Lancashire Police and the Marsden building Society, ran an awareness week from 10th August. The scheme involved highlighting fraud and how to protect your home against the threat of burglary.

Six branches of the Marsden building society were visited by local police teams. The branches involved were:

  • Barrowford
  • Burnley
  • Colne
  • Garstang
  • Lytham
  • Nelson


At each of the six locations, neighbourhood police attended between 10am and 2pm to discuss potential fraudulent scams that may affect members of the building society.

During the awareness week, Lancashire Police Inspector Martin Kane stated …

“The week is all about educating people to be vigilant and to always question anything that doesn’t look or feel right … Scams can come in many guises, from online dating, door to door cold calling, to phishing emails asking for bank details, but the message is clear. Remember: Think, Check, Act.”

Anybody can fall victim of a fraudulent act or scam, although in truth a large percentage of such victims are the elderly. Staff at the Marsden building society have been trained to know their customers and therefore, identify unusual banking transactions. In turn, this could ultimately prevent a member from becoming a victim of fraud.

Heather Crinion from the Marsden stated … 

“As a local mutual for 150 years we have built up trust with our members. Our focus is to ensure that members are protected and their finances are safe. The week will be a great opportunity to educate our members on how to keep their homes safe and to be vigilant around their finances … We are pleased to be partnering with Lancashire Constabulary over this week to build awareness for a cause that is very important to the Society, our staff and most importantly, our members.”

Anyone can sign up to the free service ‘In The Know’, provided by Lancashire Police. You will receive news and updates about crime in your area by email, text or voice message please visit: In the know – Lancashire.

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Burglary prevention - Morris Locksmiths, LancashireA recent article in the Lancashire Telegraph has reported on the use of a high-tech police scheme that is being implemented to reduce the number of burglaries in the local area of Hyndburn, Lancashire. Both Burnley and Blackpool have undergone pilot studies of the system called ‘Optimal Forager’, previously.

Local Councillors have welcomed the idea as it is seen as a successful method of catching burglars. Equally as important, the scheme also focuses on deterring burglars from committing crimes in the first place.

Miles Parkinson, Council leader stated “People who commit a crime tend to go back to that property or a location near to it…This is analysis the police go off and it’s proven accurate…The modern police service was founded by the Peel family here in Hyndburn and it should be proactive, not reactive”

He then went on to say…

“Optimal Forager is open to everyone. The police will given certain information to the public and other information to other bodies.”

According to the Jill Dando Institute, two weeks after a burglary offence is committed, the house that has been burgled and the neighbour’s properties within a 400 metre area are all at greater risk. The greater risk of a repeat burglary is in relation to the risk of burglary before the initial crime occurred. This risk factor is in part due to the fact that ‘successful’ culprits gain confidence in committing another burglary in the same area as before.

The Optimal Forager (OF) scheme will form an integral part of the Summer burglary campaign, launched by the Lancashire police force. Meetings over the Summer will be held every week. The OF will enable preventative measures to be maximized, regarding the disruption and deterrent of behaviour leading to repeat burglary offences in specific identified areas. Following the police meetings, key details will then be forwarded to local Councillors, if certain addresses are within their ward of care.

“Burglary can have a truly devastating effect on how people feel in their own homes; often leaving that person feeling vulnerable, scared and anxious…Residents have been urged to sign up to In The Know, a free messaging service that allows them to be kept up to date with issues related to their area.” Stated Mark Bates, Assistant Chief Constable.

He then went on to say “This campaign is about raising awareness of the impact that a burglary can have and making people think.”

Morris Locksmiths wish the Lancashire police force and local councils all the very best for success in the new Optimal Forager venture.

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With thanks to West Midlands Police for the use of the burglary photo under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


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Morris Locksmiths, Chorley, Lancashire

Gary Ward, sentenced to 4 years in jail for burglary.

The Lancashire Telegraph recently reported on a court case hearing for a prolific burglar. Gary Ward from Oswaldtwistle, has received a total of 12 convictions at the age of 27 years. Ward had been sent to jail previously on three separate occasions for the minimum statutory period of three years. These sentences were all for burglary. The burglar started his life of crime at a young age and was given his first sentence at the youth court for burglary, at only 14 years old.

The most recent trial, held at Burnley Crown Court was for a crime that Ward had committed on the night of 18th April 2015. The Prosecuting Officer Stephen Parker stated that Ward had raided a private residence in Roe Greave Road, Oswaldtwistle. Gavin Dunleavy, his wife and two children live at the address in Roe Greave Road.

On the night of the burglary Mr Dunleavy and his family were all in bed. They were unaware of the crime at the time it took place. Mr Dunleavy did not notice that anything was wrong until the following evening, after returning home after work. It was at this point that he could not find his wallet. On searching for his wallet, Mr Dunleavy then noticed that other items from around the family home were missing. These included computer equipment, a handbag, cigarettes and alcohol. In total, items to the value of approximately £1,500 were stolen by Ward.

The Dunleavy’s had CCTV system installed at their address and this showed Ward walking straight into the family’s home via an unlocked door. Some of the property had been dumped by the defendant in a near by bush. After the event, the court heard that Ward had offered to assist Mr Dunleavy in getting the dumped items back. The presiding Judge Tania Recorder-Griffiths QC had stated however, that as 6 weeks of time had elapsed this was an impractical solution.

Miss Recorder-Griffiths QC commented on the evidence that the court had heard regarding the night of 18th April …

“You are only 27 but despite your young age you are a prolific burglar and you know full well what the sentence is going to be. You committed this burglary at night, with young children asleep upstairs.”

and later in the hearing whilst commenting on Ward’s previous criminal activity said …

“This is an unbelievable record. Not only had you only been released from custody for around a month for burglary offences but you then go on to commit this burglary.”

Mr James Heyworth, defending, stated that Ward knew if he were to avoid any further jail sentences he would have to get his life back on track.

After his guilty plea, Gary Ward was sentenced to a four year custodial sentence.