Home Security in the Warmer Weather

Warmer weather can create home security risks - Morris Locksmiths, ChorleyMorris Locksmiths would like to offer some security advice for home and business owners alike, now that the weather has finally changed for the better! Once the weather starts to become warmer, potential security risks around your building can occur.

Secure windows

Leaving a window open in the warmer months, even when it is ‘locked open’ can be an open invitation to a would be burglar passing your property. As pleasant as it is to air your home whilst out at work all day, leaving the window in any other position than fully closed and locked, could spell disaster upon your return home. Any gap in a window can be forced open and therefore leave your home/office vulnerable to burglary. Always fully shut your windows, on every level of your property and if you have window locks installed, use them!

Lock your doors

Locking your door may sound obvious if you are planning on leaving home for the day to go to work. However, it does not always occur to home owners if they are planning a day in the garden. If you cannot hear your front door open and close when you are sat in your garden, then lock the door. This then means that your home is unable to be easily accessed by any passer by, without your knowledge.

Going on holiday

If you are planning a holiday in the Summer months, ensure that you take measures to protect your home whilst away. Here is a list of some of things you can do to help secure your property.

  • If you have milk from the milkman, cancel your round. Six pints of semi skimmed milk, that have accumulated over the course of a week is a sure sign that nobody is home!
  • Install timer switches on your table lamps, set at different times throughout your home. Setting at least one of the upstairs lights to come on at a random time in the middle of the night will make any potential burglar think twice about entering your home.
  • If you have a burglar alarm, ensure it is fully operational – and turn it on before going away!
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, post on any social media site that you are away on holiday! – Here is one of countless examples reported on by The Telegraph of victims of burglary. The family were on holiday and posted the fact via a social media site, on the internet.
  • If possible, ask a trusted friend and/or neighbour to open and shut your curtains each day at water the plants. Again, all of these actions create the illusion that somebody is at home.

If you should require any further advise on home security in the warmer months, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

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