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Morris Locksmiths are the local locksmith firm for LancashireMorris Locksmiths would like to reiterate the Crime Prevention Website‘s recent advise regarding home security. Specifically, the site was advising changing locks on any new home that you might be moving into.

According to the British Crime Survey, individuals that have been living at their current address for less than one year are actually twice as likely to fall victim to burglary. The reasons for this statistic can be wide and varied. Staying one step ahead with the security of your home should always be a priority though. Where possible, plan ahead to ensure that you feel safe in your new accommodation.

Morris locksmiths can provide a full home security check at your new residence, should you require this service.

Changing the locks

It is always a good idea to change the locks when you move into a new home. Although you are handed (normally) two sets of keys to the new property, you have no idea how many other people may have a copy. If you are  moving into a rented property, then ask the landlord to do this. It may be at your expense in this instance but for peace of mind, it is a small price to pay.

Burglar Alarm

If there is already a burglar alarm fitted, have it serviced to ensure that it is fully operational. You will also need to change the code on the unit. Thus is much easier if you manage to obtain the code and manual for the alarm system from the previous resident.

If there isn’t already an alarm in place, consider having one installed. If your budget really can’t stretch to a complete alarm system, fit a dummy box to the outside of your home. Install the dummy box somewhere that is highly visible to passersby.

Window Locks

If you already have window locks fitted, make sure that you obtain all relevant keys from the previous tenant/owner. If any of the locks don’t work correctly/don’t have a key then call out a professional locksmith to change the locks for you. That way, you will know that the window locks being fitted are compliant with your home insurance requirements.

If you should require any further advise on home security in the warmer months, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us

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