CCTV Cameras Stolen From Blackburn School

Business security advice from Morris Locksmiths, ChorleyA recent report in the Lancashire Telegraph, stated that Audley Infant School in Queens Park road had been targeted twice by thieves during the Summer and start of the school year. A CCTV camera has been stolen from the premises. The cost of replacing the stolen CCTV equipment is £5,000.

Helen Nelson, the Headteacher said …

“I have absolutely no clue why anybody would want to do this … We were just trying to sort out the theft from over the holiday and then we were targeted again.”

Mrs Nelson also added that the funds to replace the CCTV equipment will come directly out of the school’s budget and therefore have a negative impact on the pupils, as less money will be available for their educational needs.

“Every school draws up a budget every year and if they have to ever spend money on something that they have not planned for, it means that money is taken away from other areas … What these people have done will impact on other things that we had planned to do, in school this year … I have sent letters to neighbours, in the hope that they will support us in paying for these new camera … Because the ones that we had were quite old we can’t replace them like-for-like … Also I’m worried we might just be replacing them, for them to only be stolen again because extra security around them costs even more money we did not plan to spend … I hope that we are are to pull on some heart strings and encourage people to support us and the children we teach.”

Added Mrs Nelson.

A spokes person for Lancashire police, who are investigating the incidents stated …

“We are appealing for information after the theft of a CCTV camera from Audley Infant School in Queens Park Road, Blackburn … The camera was removed from a post overlooking the school car park between 3am and 4am on September 22.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lancashire police on 101 and quote the log number 0242 of September 22nd.

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With thanks for the use of the photo of CCTV cameras to Hustvedt CC BY-SA 3.0

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