Police Launch High-Tech Scheme To Reduce Burglaries

Burglary prevention - Morris Locksmiths, LancashireA recent article in the Lancashire Telegraph has reported on the use of a high-tech police scheme that is being implemented to reduce the number of burglaries in the local area of Hyndburn, Lancashire. Both Burnley and Blackpool have undergone pilot studies of the system called ‘Optimal Forager’, previously.

Local Councillors have welcomed the idea as it is seen as a successful method of catching burglars. Equally as important, the scheme also focuses on deterring burglars from committing crimes in the first place.

Miles Parkinson, Council leader stated “People who commit a crime tend to go back to that property or a location near to it…This is analysis the police go off and it’s proven accurate…The modern police service was founded by the Peel family here in Hyndburn and it should be proactive, not reactive”

He then went on to say…

“Optimal Forager is open to everyone. The police will given certain information to the public and other information to other bodies.”

According to the Jill Dando Institute, two weeks after a burglary offence is committed, the house that has been burgled and the neighbour’s properties within a 400 metre area are all at greater risk. The greater risk of a repeat burglary is in relation to the risk of burglary before the initial crime occurred. This risk factor is in part due to the fact that ‘successful’ culprits gain confidence in committing another burglary in the same area as before.

The Optimal Forager (OF) scheme will form an integral part of the Summer burglary campaign, launched by the Lancashire police force. Meetings over the Summer will be held every week. The OF will enable preventative measures to be maximized, regarding the disruption and deterrent of behaviour leading to repeat burglary offences in specific identified areas. Following the police meetings, key details will then be forwarded to local Councillors, if certain addresses are within their ward of care.

“Burglary can have a truly devastating effect on how people feel in their own homes; often leaving that person feeling vulnerable, scared and anxious…Residents have been urged to sign up to In The Know, a free messaging service that allows them to be kept up to date with issues related to their area.” Stated Mark Bates, Assistant Chief Constable.

He then went on to say “This campaign is about raising awareness of the impact that a burglary can have and making people think.”

Morris Locksmiths wish the Lancashire police force and local councils all the very best for success in the new Optimal Forager venture.

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With thanks to West Midlands Police for the use of the burglary photo under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


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