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National Home Secrurity MonthA recent infographic about home security, produced by Sainbury’s Bank has come to our attention. Morris Locksmiths feel that this data is extremely relevant in October as it is Yale’s National Home Security Month (NHSM). Each week the NHSM program will be looking at different aspects of security and offering helpful hints and tips.

The five weeks of NHSM are planned as follows:

  • Week 1 (starting 28th September) – National Home Security Month: An introduction to the annual scheme and solutions for keeping your family, home and possessions safe.
  • Week 2 (starting 5th October) – Lock it up! Helpful information regarding door and window locks will be on offer.
  • Week 3 (starting 12th October) – Keep it protected: Different solutions will be offered regarding how to keep the valuables in your home safe.
  • Week 4 (starting 19th October) – The great outdoors: How to ensure that the outside of your home and all outbuildings are as secure as possible.
  • Week 5 (starting 26th October) – Smart Home Security: A look at the latest security gadgets that are available.


Many of the aspects that the NHSM program will be detailing, are touched upon in the infographic below. The information includes helpful tips regarding the outside of your home, such as burglar alarms, outdoor lighting and CCTV systems. Internal security is also looked at in the infographic. Areas of home security for the inside of your property include: Doors and windows, lighting and how you can integrate your computer, for securing your belongings.

Home Security Infographic

If you should require any further advice on home security and crime prevention, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

With thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank, for the use of the infographic.

home security

The Lancashire Constabulary logoThe Bee News have recently reported on the latest battle against fraud taking part in Lancashire. The collaboration of Lancashire Police and the Marsden building Society, ran an awareness week from 10th August. The scheme involved highlighting fraud and how to protect your home against the threat of burglary.

Six branches of the Marsden building society were visited by local police teams. The branches involved were:

  • Barrowford
  • Burnley
  • Colne
  • Garstang
  • Lytham
  • Nelson


At each of the six locations, neighbourhood police attended between 10am and 2pm to discuss potential fraudulent scams that may affect members of the building society.

During the awareness week, Lancashire Police Inspector Martin Kane stated …

“The week is all about educating people to be vigilant and to always question anything that doesn’t look or feel right … Scams can come in many guises, from online dating, door to door cold calling, to phishing emails asking for bank details, but the message is clear. Remember: Think, Check, Act.”

Anybody can fall victim of a fraudulent act or scam, although in truth a large percentage of such victims are the elderly. Staff at the Marsden building society have been trained to know their customers and therefore, identify unusual banking transactions. In turn, this could ultimately prevent a member from becoming a victim of fraud.

Heather Crinion from the Marsden stated … 

“As a local mutual for 150 years we have built up trust with our members. Our focus is to ensure that members are protected and their finances are safe. The week will be a great opportunity to educate our members on how to keep their homes safe and to be vigilant around their finances … We are pleased to be partnering with Lancashire Constabulary over this week to build awareness for a cause that is very important to the Society, our staff and most importantly, our members.”

Anyone can sign up to the free service ‘In The Know’, provided by Lancashire Police. You will receive news and updates about crime in your area by email, text or voice message please visit: In the know – Lancashire.

If you should require any further advice on home security and crime prevention, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

home security

Burglary prevention - Morris Locksmiths, LancashireA recent article in the Lancashire Telegraph has reported on the use of a high-tech police scheme that is being implemented to reduce the number of burglaries in the local area of Hyndburn, Lancashire. Both Burnley and Blackpool have undergone pilot studies of the system called ‘Optimal Forager’, previously.

Local Councillors have welcomed the idea as it is seen as a successful method of catching burglars. Equally as important, the scheme also focuses on deterring burglars from committing crimes in the first place.

Miles Parkinson, Council leader stated “People who commit a crime tend to go back to that property or a location near to it…This is analysis the police go off and it’s proven accurate…The modern police service was founded by the Peel family here in Hyndburn and it should be proactive, not reactive”

He then went on to say…

“Optimal Forager is open to everyone. The police will given certain information to the public and other information to other bodies.”

According to the Jill Dando Institute, two weeks after a burglary offence is committed, the house that has been burgled and the neighbour’s properties within a 400 metre area are all at greater risk. The greater risk of a repeat burglary is in relation to the risk of burglary before the initial crime occurred. This risk factor is in part due to the fact that ‘successful’ culprits gain confidence in committing another burglary in the same area as before.

The Optimal Forager (OF) scheme will form an integral part of the Summer burglary campaign, launched by the Lancashire police force. Meetings over the Summer will be held every week. The OF will enable preventative measures to be maximized, regarding the disruption and deterrent of behaviour leading to repeat burglary offences in specific identified areas. Following the police meetings, key details will then be forwarded to local Councillors, if certain addresses are within their ward of care.

“Burglary can have a truly devastating effect on how people feel in their own homes; often leaving that person feeling vulnerable, scared and anxious…Residents have been urged to sign up to In The Know, a free messaging service that allows them to be kept up to date with issues related to their area.” Stated Mark Bates, Assistant Chief Constable.

He then went on to say “This campaign is about raising awareness of the impact that a burglary can have and making people think.”

Morris Locksmiths wish the Lancashire police force and local councils all the very best for success in the new Optimal Forager venture.

If you should require any further advise on home security in the warmer months, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

With thanks to West Midlands Police for the use of the burglary photo under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


home security

Morris Locksmiths are the local locksmith firm for LancashireMorris Locksmiths would like to reiterate the Crime Prevention Website‘s recent advise regarding home security. Specifically, the site was advising changing locks on any new home that you might be moving into.

According to the British Crime Survey, individuals that have been living at their current address for less than one year are actually twice as likely to fall victim to burglary. The reasons for this statistic can be wide and varied. Staying one step ahead with the security of your home should always be a priority though. Where possible, plan ahead to ensure that you feel safe in your new accommodation.

Morris locksmiths can provide a full home security check at your new residence, should you require this service.

Changing the locks

It is always a good idea to change the locks when you move into a new home. Although you are handed (normally) two sets of keys to the new property, you have no idea how many other people may have a copy. If you are  moving into a rented property, then ask the landlord to do this. It may be at your expense in this instance but for peace of mind, it is a small price to pay.

Burglar Alarm

If there is already a burglar alarm fitted, have it serviced to ensure that it is fully operational. You will also need to change the code on the unit. Thus is much easier if you manage to obtain the code and manual for the alarm system from the previous resident.

If there isn’t already an alarm in place, consider having one installed. If your budget really can’t stretch to a complete alarm system, fit a dummy box to the outside of your home. Install the dummy box somewhere that is highly visible to passersby.

Window Locks

If you already have window locks fitted, make sure that you obtain all relevant keys from the previous tenant/owner. If any of the locks don’t work correctly/don’t have a key then call out a professional locksmith to change the locks for you. That way, you will know that the window locks being fitted are compliant with your home insurance requirements.

If you should require any further advise on home security in the warmer months, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

With thanks for the use of the picture of a new home to the original uploader Brian0918 at en.wikipedia.

home security

Morris Locksmiths are the local locksmith firm for Lancashire

18 year old burglar Connor Stokes

The Lancashire Telegraph reported last week, on a teenager that has been jailed for a burglary that he committed in Crawshawbooth. The crime took place at Sunnyside House on Burnely Road, the former home of Phil Neville. The current owners of the property, Mr and Mrs Greensmith have since added to their security system within their home. They have informed the court of the extra security measures now in place.

The burglar was an 18 year old Connor Stokes of Queen Street, Rawtenstall. He received a 16 month sentence for the crime that took place on 5th March this year. During his crime, Stokes first tried to steal a 50 inch television but was unsuccessful in ripping the TV set from the wall. He then proceeded to steal another television from out of the changing rooms of the gym in the six bedroom house.

On the day of the burglary, Mr Greensmith left home at 4:20am for a business trip. His wife left later that morning at 7:30am with the couple’s children. Later on that day the cleaner noticed that an intruder had entered the property and informed Mrs Greensmith. On arriving back home, Mrs Greensmith observed that the garage door leading to the main house had been forced open.

Prosecuting officer in the court case Mrs Emma Kehoe, stated in the hearing that other rooms at the Greensmith’s home had also been entered by Stokes. The CCTV system at Sunnyside House, Burnley Road captured images of the teenager. There were also footwear marks that matched Connor Stokes’ shoes, from the crime scene which enabled the police investigating the case to arrest and charge him for the offence.

If you have any concerns with the security of your home and/or business premises then please do not hesitate to contact Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk.

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Warmer weather can create home security risks - Morris Locksmiths, ChorleyMorris Locksmiths would like to offer some security advice for home and business owners alike, now that the weather has finally changed for the better! Once the weather starts to become warmer, potential security risks around your building can occur.

Secure windows

Leaving a window open in the warmer months, even when it is ‘locked open’ can be an open invitation to a would be burglar passing your property. As pleasant as it is to air your home whilst out at work all day, leaving the window in any other position than fully closed and locked, could spell disaster upon your return home. Any gap in a window can be forced open and therefore leave your home/office vulnerable to burglary. Always fully shut your windows, on every level of your property and if you have window locks installed, use them!

Lock your doors

Locking your door may sound obvious if you are planning on leaving home for the day to go to work. However, it does not always occur to home owners if they are planning a day in the garden. If you cannot hear your front door open and close when you are sat in your garden, then lock the door. This then means that your home is unable to be easily accessed by any passer by, without your knowledge.

Going on holiday

If you are planning a holiday in the Summer months, ensure that you take measures to protect your home whilst away. Here is a list of some of things you can do to help secure your property.

  • If you have milk from the milkman, cancel your round. Six pints of semi skimmed milk, that have accumulated over the course of a week is a sure sign that nobody is home!
  • Install timer switches on your table lamps, set at different times throughout your home. Setting at least one of the upstairs lights to come on at a random time in the middle of the night will make any potential burglar think twice about entering your home.
  • If you have a burglar alarm, ensure it is fully operational – and turn it on before going away!
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, post on any social media site that you are away on holiday! – Here is one of countless examples reported on by The Telegraph of victims of burglary. The family were on holiday and posted the fact via a social media site, on the internet.
  • If possible, ask a trusted friend and/or neighbour to open and shut your curtains each day at water the plants. Again, all of these actions create the illusion that somebody is at home.

If you should require any further advise on home security in the warmer months, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Morris Locksmiths on  01257 263933 / 07984 672382 or alternatively you can email us enquiries@lancashire-locksmith.co.uk

With thanks to © Copyright Samantha and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence for the use of the photograph.

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Rogue buiders have been operating in Darwen, Lancashire - Morris Locksmiths

Darwen, Lancashire

The Lancashire Telegraph reported recently that East Lancashire residents need to be vigilant when answering the door following a rogue builder visiting the area. In the Darwen area a 77 year old lady was conned  out of money at her home in Knowsley Road on Friday 9th January 2015.

The pensioner and her 80 year old husband agreed to some work being carried out on their property following a ‘builder’ calling at their house. The resident went out for a while, leaving the man to complete the jobs the couple had requested to be done. Upon her return, she was asked to pay £460 for the work he had supposedly finished. As the con man  refused to accept payment via either cheque or credit card, the lady went to her bank for more funds. On returning home for a second time to meet the ‘builder’ an extra £1,000 had been added to the overall bill! As the couple refused to pay and insisted they were going to call the police, he fled the scene, leaving no receipt for the cash paid.

The pensioner stated …

“I am absolutely furious about what has happened and I wish to inform others so that the same thing does not happen to them.”

and went on to say …

“I wish I had shut the door in his face.”

Police are now urging anyone with any information regarding the incident to contact PC Phil Hambley on 01254 222135. He commented …

“We are investigating the matter, but we have very little to go on other than a white van.

“We did house-to-house enquiries, and we did some CCTV enquiries but unfortunately the van hasn’t been picked up.

“I would ask anybody who does have information to contact me on 01254 222135, and I would ask anyone else who has been a victim to come forward.”

Police have advised that people should not answer the door to callers that aren’t expected.

Morris Locksmiths also share this opinion – if you have a spyhole fitted you can always see who is on your doorstep and decide whether or not you want to open the door. However, if you feel you must answer the door, then always do so using a security chain and ask to see the caller’s official ID. Ask the person to pass the card to you through the gap and then shut the door whilst you verify the visitor. You can do this by either calling the company stated on the card (Utilities company etc) or by calling your local police station.

With thanks for the photograph of Darwen © Copyright M J Richardson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.